2014-2015 Board Members

  • President: Patrick Findler (Armenia 2008-2011 & Mongolia 2011-2013). Contact Patrick at president AT or 971-400-7716 to suggest a topic for a business meeting, or to nominate yourself for a board position.

  • Secretary: Erin Gettling (Ukraine 2003-2005). Contact Erin at secretary AT or 503-404-4308 to request business meeting minutes.

  • Treasurer: Matthew Forgue (Armenia 2011-2013). Contact Matthew at treasurer AT or 949-436-7483 to inquire about payments or calendar/t-shirt shipping.

  • E-update Editor: Susie Robillard (Ecuador 1968-1970). Contact Susie at e-update AT or 503-430-1776 by any Friday at 5pm to submit community or job announcements for the weekly e-update sent to our members.

  • Newsletter Editor & Webmaster: Meaghan Corwin (Armenia 2008-2011 & Mongolia 2011-2013). Contact Meaghan at newsletter AT or 503-347-2406 by the 25th of any month to submit images, poetry, recipes, stories, and other content for publication in our monthly newsletter, or to provide feedback on our website content.

  • Education Coordinators: Dré Mayrose (Zambia 2011-2013) and Kat Barnes (Armenia 2012–2013). Contact Dré and Kat at education AT or 605-421-0171 to request an RPCV speaker for an event, or to offer to join the CRPCA Speakers Bureau.

  • Events Coordinator: Nora Olsgaard (Tanzania 2006-2008). Contact Nora at events AT to communicate about our annual/special events.

  • Fundraising Coordinator: Phyllis Shelton (Honduras 1986-1988). Contact Phyllis at fundraising AT or 503-704-6298 to offer ideas for raising funds which support our grant program.

  • Grants Coordinator: Joel Salter (Sierra Leone 1986-1988). Contact Joel at grants AT to inquire about applying for CRPCA grants.

  • Membership Coordinators: Adrienne Wolf-Lockett and Bob Lockett (Jamaica 2009-2011). Contact Adrienne and Bob at membership AT or 503-953-6010 to join CRPCA/NPCA or to renew your membership(s).

  • Networking Coordinator: Gordon Young (Malaysia 1972-1974). Contact Gordon at networking AT or 503-631-2876 to express interest in or offer resources to our Job Search Support Group, or to inquire about the local RPCV Mentoring Program.

  • Program Coordinator: Angie Basurtto (Panama 2010-2012). Contact Angie at program AT if you would like to host a potluck gathering or have ideas for programs.

  • Scheduling Coordinator: Liz Samuels (Benin 1975-1977). Contact Liz at scheduling AT or 503-228-7706 to submit details (title, date, time, location, and description) for a proposed CRPCA event.

  • Service Coordinator: Tom DeMeo (Ghana 1980-1982 & Botswana 1982-1984). Contact Tom at service AT or 503-267-3943 to suggest or RSVP for a group service activity.

Activity Leads

  • Book Club: Bill Stein (Niger 1990-1993). Contact Bill at bookclub AT or 503-830-0817 to suggest international book titles for our next annual survey.

  • Family Activities: Karen Cellarius (Hungary 1991-1993). Contact Karen at family AT or 503-998-5572 to suggest a group activity for member families.
  • Restaurant Gatherings: Jenny Tsai (Fiji 1990-1992). Contact Jenny at restaurant AT to RSVP for a Restaurant Gathering or to suggest a restaurant.
  • Salon Francophone: Alden Jencks (Côte d’Ivoire 1968-1970). Contact Alden at francais AT or 503-238-4782 to offer to host the next gathering of French-speaking RPCVs and our French-speaking friends.

  • Writers’ Workshop: Gabriella Maertens (Niger 1966-1968). Contact Gabriella at writers AT or 503-254-5161 to express interest in our monthly Writers’ Workshops.

Mailing Address

Columbia River Peace Corps Association
P.O. Box 802
Portland, OR 97207