Book Club

Discussion of Mountains Beyond MountainsCRPCA’s Book Club discusses books of broad interest set in Peace Corps countries. We discuss fiction and nonfiction, books by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and people from around the world, and works that incite emotions from fury to laughter.
Discussion of The Good EarthOur gatherings are open to all who have read that month’s book. Typically we start out discussing the book. Inevitably someone relates a theme in the book to their own experiences or other readings, and the conversation takes an interesting turn.
Discussion of Three Cups of What?We love author appearances! Between June 2014 and June 2015, authors Eve Brown-Waite, Gary Cornelius, Rajeev Goyal, Michael Heyn, George LeBard, Stanley Meisler, and Deborah Scroggins are joining our discussions.
Discussion of The Places in Between
Most of our books are selected by an annual survey. We schedule additional books when an author offers to meet with us. Our Book Club coordinator is Bill Stein, bookclub AT or 503-830-0817.