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CRPCA considers grant applications three times a year. Awards are granted at the CRPCA general meeting following the application deadline.

Application Deadline Decision Date Total Amount to Award
September 24, 2014 October 12, 2014 TBA
January 24, 2015 February 8, 2015 TBA
May 24, 2015 June 14, 2015 TBA

Guidelines for Grant Proposals

CRPCA’s members have collectively indicated an interest in funding grants that meet these guidelines:

  • Projects from sponsors with a connection to Oregon or southwest Washington
  • Projects that meet community needs
  • Projects that empower the recipients
  • Projects with fleshed-out monitoring, evaluation, and feasibility plans
  • Projects that are self-sustainable at the end of the grant period

Grantmaking Procedures
A Grant Committee reviews all grant applications. They are responsible for reading the grant application in full, asking questions of the grant applicant (should clarification be needed), and then proposing a recommendation to CRPCA members at the next business meeting.

The final decision to fund is made by a vote of all members who are present at the business meeting which coincides with the grant giving cycle. Prior to the meeting, a summary of all grant applications will be provided for members to review in preparation for the vote.

Recipients are notified within one week of the decision and awards are posted to the CRPCA website and included in the CRPCA newsletter. If awarded funding, the recipient will be required to sign a contract with CRPCA regarding the use of the funds. Recipients are also expected to report project impact at a CRPCA business meeting or through the CRPCA newsletter.

How to Apply
To solicit funds from CRPCA please submit our new (as of April 2014) CRPCA Grant Application (Word document) along with a spreadsheet or similar document showing how the money is to be used. By our application deadline, send the electronic documents to our Grants Coordinator, Joel Salter, at grants AT crpca.org.

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